Thirty Nine Monte Carlo Spin Room

Monaco Projects has installed the latest technology to ensure that spin classes at the Thirty Nine Monte Carlo members’ club are exhilarating, fun and competitive.

Sophisticated electronic systems synchronise the colours and the flashing of the LED lights to the music in the fully-soundproofed room.

The enormous screen shows either constantly changing dynamic patterns or the heart outputs and revolutions per minute of all the riders – perfect for encouraging competition and that extra bit of performance!

For those wanting to take spinning to the next level, the hi-tech room can also change in altitude. Failsafe systems adjust the levels of nitrogen in the air to simulate exercising at altitudes of up to 5,000m – that is about the level of the Everest click here base camp.

This altitude training enables riders’ bodies to perform more efficiently with less oxygen. When they “return” to sea level, performance is significantly enhanced in the oxygen-rich air.

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Thirty Nine Monte Carlo altitude training room

The spin room is one of two altitude rooms installed by Monaco Projects at Thirty Nine Monte Carlo. Members can be instructed in the large training room at up to 5,000m in altitude on weights, bikes, rowing and running machines.