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2016 – a record year for the Monaco Property Market

IMSEE, the Monaco Government Statistics Office, has recently released a very positive overview of the Monaco residential property market in 2016.

Property Market Monaco, Monaco Projects, MC Projects, MC Project Management

Le Millefiori Monaco

Sales of properties in the resale market for the year reached their highest ever value of €2.2 billion, an increase of 23.4% compared to the previous year.

The average price of properties has increased from €1.4m in 2006 to €4.3m in 2016, an increase of 212% during this period, with an increase of 21% from 2015 alone. 1 in 10 of all property transactions now has a purchase price in excess of €10m.


Property Market Monaco, Monaco Projects, MC Projects, Construction Monaco, MC Project Management

Patio Palace Monaco

The average price per m2 on the property resale market has gone up from its 2006 figure of €14,784 to a 2016 cost of €41,420 with an increase of 15% in just the last 12 months.


Monaco Projects has seen a marked upturn in renovation activity in Monaco over the last year in particular and reinforced confidence in the local property market, confidence which looks set to continue.

Property Market Monaco, Monaco Projects, MC Projects, Construction Monaco, MC Project Management

Parc St Roman Monaco

Our highly experienced team is here to help and guide you with all your renovation/construction projects. Please contact Tim at for any enquiries.







Monaco Projects sponsors charity No Finish Line Monaco 2016 team

Monaco Projects is sponsoring the PussyFootingAround team, aiming to help it reach its fundraising target at the 2016 No Finish Line charity event that is taking place in Monaco from 12th to 20th November 2016.

Young runners at the No Finish Line

Young runners at the No Finish Line

No Finish Line is an event organised by Children and Future, a charity that supports underprivileged and sick children. The charity provides funds to carry out cardiac operations to repair genetic defects in children from developing countries.

For every kilometre covered by participants €1 is donated to Children and Future. The aim for 2016 is to cover 384,400km, the distance from the Earth to the Moon. Our team has already covered 3,068km and we are aiming for a top 10 position in 2016, a very impressive objective given the relatively small size of the team of 80 members!

No Finish Line 2016

Members of the team sponsored by Monaco Projects

In the photo above are various members of the team including Adrian Mac Dermott who has already completed over 420 kilometres!


Monaco Projects sponsors No Finish Line 2016 team

Team tent at the No Finish Line Event

Come and visit us at the PussyFooting Around tent in the Chapiteau in Fontvieille in Monaco. You can sign up to the PussyFootingAround team and even take part in our team’s 24 hour event from 18:00 Friday to 18:00 Saturday. Plenty of fun and camaraderie to be had.

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Interior Design Kitchen trends 2017

In this article we are looking at interior design kitchen trends 2017. If you are looking at renovating your kitchen check out black which is the er, new black:

Black stainless steel “white” goods

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LG Black fridge, cooker and dishwasher

Polished stainless is out, being replaced by the sophisticated, clinical look of brushed black stainless steel. LG and Samsung both produce a range of fridge/freezers, cookers and dishwashers.

A word of warning, black stainless steel is not scratch resistant so, while it will look good now, it may not look as good in a couple of years.


The use of wood in kitchens is becoming less popular and the use of dark-coloured units is being used more in kitchen designs. If you decide to go for the black stainless steel appliances, you may be interested in a full-on black kitchen, something that was, until recently, unthinkable!

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The Project Manager – an orchestral conductor for your renovation

I have been a project manager of luxury residential and business property renovations in Monaco and the Côte d’Azur for the last 15 years and I have been asked the question many times: why would I need a project manager if I employ a main contractor?

In response to this question, I liken myself to the conductor of an orchestra. You can have the best musicians in the world; however, without a conductor, your musicians will not start or finish at the correct times, and the music they produce will be discordant.

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Project management of Thirty Nine Monte Carlo

I help the client to select the most talented professionals for the project and oversee all aspects of the renovation works, from planning applications and sourcing products to management of costs to ensure that your renovation is completed on time and on budget.

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Altitude training room at Thirty Nine Monte Carlo

To return to the conductor analogy, my role is to set the tempo of the orchestra and to shape their performance in order to produce a work of the highest quality for the client.

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Bar and dining area at Thirty Nine Monte Carlo

This has been particularly relevant in our current project, the creation of THIRTY NINE Monte Carlo (, a new luxury lifestyle members’ club in Monaco with state-of-the-art sports floor. It has been necessary, over the last 2 years, to organise in excess of 200 contractor and supplier “musicians” from all sections of the orchestra to create a harmonious symphony, ahead of its opening performance in September 2016.

Interior designer joins Monaco Projects for your renovation in Monaco or the Cote d’Azur

Are you planning a bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation or a complete apartment makeover? Gisela Burghard, a very experienced interior designer who joined our team with effect from 1 March 2016 will be able to help.

Rozz Marcel Project Director said: “I am delighted to welcome Gisela on board with Monaco Projects. She is a very talented interior designer with enormous experience, not just in Monaco, but also in Europe, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. She is a major addition to our company; having an interior designer within our team will enable Monaco Projects to continue in its mission to become the pre-eminent project managers and interior designers in Monaco and the Côte d’Azur.”