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LED lights that change from warm white to cool white

Lighting changes how we see our surroundings. It can affect our mood, from feeling awake and alert to feeling relaxed and calm.

Lighting design Monaco, Interior Designer Monaco, renovations, renovation companies Monaco

Lighting temperature chart

The chart shows how the “temperature” of light is measured. It goes from 2,700k, the warm light associated with old-fashioned bulbs in the home, through to 6,500k a blue/white light that is considerably more vibrant.

Lighting design, as part of the interior design of your new home or business, has just become more flexible and much more exciting with the new dynamic white range of LED lights.

The range of dynamic lights includes LED striplights to illuminate under cupboards, coves, or cabinets, downlighter bulbs that are often found in spotlights and LED light panels that are frequently seen in offices.

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Dynamic lights change from warm white to cool white at the touch of a button to suite a task or mood.

Instead of having to make one, permanent choice in your new bathroom of a cool white to apply your makeup or of a warm white to have a relaxing bath, you can choose warm white or cool white, and even dim your lights, depending on the time or day or your mood.

You can light your kitchen with a bright, cool light for food preparation and change it instantly to a dimmed, warm light when your guests arrive. Easy!

Lighting design Monaco, Interior Designer Monaco, renovations, renovation companies Monaco,

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The Project Manager – an orchestral conductor for your renovation

I have been a project manager of luxury residential and business property renovations in Monaco and the Côte d’Azur for the last 15 years and I have been asked the question many times: why would I need a project manager if I employ a main contractor?

In response to this question, I liken myself to the conductor of an orchestra. You can have the best musicians in the world; however, without a conductor, your musicians will not start or finish at the correct times, and the music they produce will be discordant.

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Project management of Thirty Nine Monte Carlo

I help the client to select the most talented professionals for the project and oversee all aspects of the renovation works, from planning applications and sourcing products to management of costs to ensure that your renovation is completed on time and on budget.

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Altitude training room at Thirty Nine Monte Carlo

To return to the conductor analogy, my role is to set the tempo of the orchestra and to shape their performance in order to produce a work of the highest quality for the client.

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Bar and dining area at Thirty Nine Monte Carlo

This has been particularly relevant in our current project, the creation of THIRTY NINE Monte Carlo (, a new luxury lifestyle members’ club in Monaco with state-of-the-art sports floor. It has been necessary, over the last 2 years, to organise in excess of 200 contractor and supplier “musicians” from all sections of the orchestra to create a harmonious symphony, ahead of its opening performance in September 2016.

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Thirty Nine Monte Carlo – train at 4,000m altitude – at sea level!

Monaco Projects has just completed final commissioning of the 2 altitude training rooms at THIRTY NINE Monte Carlo, a new luxury lifestyle members’ club with state-of-the-art sports floor which is being project-managed by Monaco Projects.

The highly specialist equipment adjusts the oxygen and nitrogen levels in the air of the training rooms to simulate different altitudes. This enables users’ bodies to adapt to training with less oxygen at up to 4,000m above sea level so that when they “return” to sea level their body is “turbo-charged” with the higher levels of oxygen.

This training method provides a performance advantage to professional athletes and keen amateurs. It is just one of the specialist training aids being installed in THIRTY NINE, which is located on the Larvotto beachfront in Monaco, and which opens in September 2016.