Lighting design Monaco

Monaco Projects creates successful lighting – first time

Monaco Projects can help ensure that the lighting design element of your project, often the most difficult to perfect, is successfully implemented at the first attempt.

Our design team uses specialist software to create a 3D model of your apartment, villa or office. This model calculates the correct positioning of the lighting required and can incorporate floor lights, table lamps, wall lights, spot lights in the ceiling or LED panels.

Lighting design Monaco

Office 3D Modelling by Monaco Projects

The 3D modelling takes account of the amount of natural light entering the room, the height of the ceiling and even the colour of the walls and flooring – dark carpet for example absorbs a considerable amount of light requiring brighter bulbs.

This modelling makes sure that an accurate number of lights, with the appropriate levels of brightness, are used in the correct places, thereby avoiding underlit areas.

Lighting design Monaco

Monaco Projects Lighting design floor plan

As you can see from the photos different levels of light are represented by different colours. Brightly lit areas are off-white/green and the darkest areas are shown in red.


Lighting design Monaco

All these factors are combined to ensure that the guesswork is removed and that the brighter task lights and the dimmer ambiance lights fulfil your expectations.

If you would like any more information, please contact Alice in our lighting team at

Interior Design by Monaco Projects – Space-enhancing design ideas 1

Concealed Storage 

Space in Monaco, as in many cities, is at a premium. In order to maximise your space and to enrich your living experience, you need to make every square centimetre count. How do you do this? By making every part of your apartment multi-functional.

In this first article of a series focusing on clever, cool space-enhancing ideas, we are looking at concealed storage.

Concealed floor storage


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The floor is used simply as a place for the furniture to rest on. Much of the room height is wasted.

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By creating a 35cm high platform, accessed by two steps along the window side of the room to maintain a safe window-ledge height, you make use of the space gained by insetting panels into the floor that hinge up allowing access to large storage units beneath.

In addition, drawers can be built into the front edge of the platform creating even more valuable storage space.

Note the insertion of the mirror behind the sofa, a useful design idea to give an extra feeling of space.

The final benefit is that the platform adds a strong architectural element to the room enhancing its aesthetics – beauty and functionality!


Concealed wall storage


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When closed, the wall panels show a clean, uncluttered space.


Sliding back the panels reveals a library, created taking only 20cm of depth from the room.

Monaco Projects specialises in space-enhancing interior design to bring functionality and style to your project. Please contact me for more information at


Thirty Nine Monte Carlo spin room, Monaco Projects, Thirty Nine Monte Carlo, members club, interior designer monaco, renovation companies monaco

Thirty Nine Monte Carlo Spin Room

Monaco Projects has installed the latest technology to ensure that spin classes at the Thirty Nine Monte Carlo members’ club are exhilarating, fun and competitive.

Sophisticated electronic systems synchronise the colours and the flashing of the LED lights to the music in the fully-soundproofed room.

The enormous screen shows either constantly changing dynamic patterns or the heart outputs and revolutions per minute of all the riders – perfect for encouraging competition and that extra bit of performance!

For those wanting to take spinning to the next level, the hi-tech room can also change in altitude. Failsafe systems adjust the levels of nitrogen in the air to simulate exercising at altitudes of up to 5,000m – that is about the level of the Everest base camp.

This altitude training enables riders’ bodies to perform more efficiently with less oxygen. When they “return” to sea level, performance is significantly enhanced in the oxygen-rich air.

Thirty Nine Monte Carlo spin room, Monaco Projects, Thirty Nine Monte Carlo, members club, interior designer monaco, renovation companies monaco

Thirty Nine Monte Carlo altitude training room

The spin room is one of two altitude rooms installed by Monaco Projects at Thirty Nine Monte Carlo. Members can be instructed in the large training room at up to 5,000m in altitude on weights, bikes, rowing and running machines.

Thirty Nine Monte Carlo opens today

Thirty Nine Monte Carlo, the new luxury lifestyle members’ club in Monaco ( with state-of-the-art sports floor, renovated by Monaco Projects, opens today in the presence of H.S.H. Albert II of Monaco.

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Thirty Nine Monte Carlo – Ladies’ vanity area

Two years of hard work by an amazing team have produced an incredible result of which we are all very proud. Monaco now has a members’ club which is the envy of the world!

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Thirty Nine Monte Carlo – Men’s changing rooms


We are putting the final finishing touches to Thirty Nine Monte Carlo today ahead of its official opening this evening.

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Thirty Nine Monte Carlo – Cosmo chandelier

The images show the amazing attention to detail that has been lavished on the club. The club logo appears on tables, doors and even the door handles!

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Thirty Nine Monte Carlo – door handle with club logo

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Thirty Nine Monte Carlo – table design with club logo

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Thirty Nine Monte Carlo – door design with club logo

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Interior Design Kitchen trends 2017

In this article we are looking at interior design kitchen trends 2017. If you are looking at renovating your kitchen check out black which is the er, new black:

Black stainless steel “white” goods

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LG Black fridge, cooker and dishwasher

Polished stainless is out, being replaced by the sophisticated, clinical look of brushed black stainless steel. LG and Samsung both produce a range of fridge/freezers, cookers and dishwashers.

A word of warning, black stainless steel is not scratch resistant so, while it will look good now, it may not look as good in a couple of years.


The use of wood in kitchens is becoming less popular and the use of dark-coloured units is being used more in kitchen designs. If you decide to go for the black stainless steel appliances, you may be interested in a full-on black kitchen, something that was, until recently, unthinkable!

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Clever plug solution to avoid carrying all those adaptors

If you travel regularly between Britain and your property in France, Monaco or Italy, you will know the frustration of never having the right socket for your phone charger, razor or other portable electrical devices.

We can provide a simple, yet ingenious, design solution to remove this problem: a bespoke fitting incorporating both British and European sockets that can be incorporated into your renovation or construction project, or even retrofitted, to ensure that you always have the correct socket for your gadgets without having to use adaptors.

Contact our design team for more information.

Kitchen renovation

Lighting Design – the key to success for your renovation

Lighting is one of the biggest make-or-break factors for the success of your construction or renovation project, whether at home or in the office. It is something that should be considered at the beginning of the build, when cables are being laid, rather than at the end. Sadly, lighting is often an afterthought leading to compromises and poor quality lighting. We use our lighting design team, specialising in energy-efficient LEDs, to ensure that lighting becomes an integral and exciting part of your new apartment, villa or office.

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Monaco Projects Lighting Design – bath

When producing a lighting design in the home in particular, it is important to resist the temptation to deliver an even coverage of light across the whole space to be lit: if everything is lit evenly, you will end up highlighting nothing and the effect will be bland. LEDs provide enormous potential for creativity, producing dramatic yet flexible and functional lighting.


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Monaco Projects Lighting Design – living room

Good lighting design should be able to give you bright, shadow-free task lighting on your work surfaces, good levels of ambient lighting, and interesting accent lighting to pick out focal points and areas of interest.

It is estimated that by 2020 80% of all bulbs sold will be LEDs and they are fast becoming the dominant method for lighting. With recent significant improvements in the manufacturing methods of LEDs, the quality of the light from LEDs is now as good as, if not better than, old-fashioned incandescent or halogen bulbs. They are no longer a second-best option and are now the solution of choice.

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Monaco Projects Lighting Design – house exterior

Whilst they are certainly more expensive to purchase than other lighting solutions, their consumption is only around 10% of that of a halogen bulb and they are expected to last about 10 times as long, so they provide very good value for money in the long run.

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Monaco Projects Lighting Design – garden

We continue to be very excited by the ever-increasing potential of LEDs to produce high quality lighting solutions and have recently recruited Alice Sasso to enhance our lighting supply and design service. Please contact us to discuss your lighting needs.


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Interior Design Impressions from the Milan Furniture Fair

Our team has just returned from a visit to the world-famous Milan Furniture Fair to explore the latest in interior design, furniture, bathroom and kitchen fashion and trends and to speak to the most exciting new suppliers in the marketplace.

In the furniture section of the show, we saw an increasing retro feel using fifties and sixties styling, with a modern twist, using high quality fabrics and leathers. What was most impressive were the suppliers of solid wood furniture for kitchens and gardens, with one manufacturer infilling wood with transparent resin to dramatic effect in their very thick, very solid, kitchen tables and worktops.

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Wooden table inlaid with acrylic

In the bathrooms section, we loved the bronze and copper finishes for bathtubs, a number of extremely innovative towel rails, with as much artistic impact as practical effect, and some beautiful sinks in stone and resin. One bathtub was even covered in fabric on the outside – interesting, but probably not appropriate for every client!

We returned with a wealth of catalogues and new, fresh, contacts ensuring that we can give our clients access to the most up to date and breath-taking high quality furniture, fixtures and fittings.

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sculpted marble sink

Interior Design, furniture, Monaco, Monaco Projects, interior designer

Stylish and functional towel rail