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LED lights that change from warm white to cool white

Lighting changes how we see our surroundings. It can affect our mood, from feeling awake and alert to feeling relaxed and calm.

Lighting design Monaco, Interior Designer Monaco, renovations, renovation companies Monaco

Lighting temperature chart

The chart shows how the “temperature” of light is measured. It goes from 2,700k, the warm light associated with old-fashioned bulbs in the home, through to 6,500k a blue/white light that is considerably more vibrant.

Lighting design, as part of the interior design of your new home or business, has just become more flexible and much more exciting with the new dynamic white range of LED lights.

The range of dynamic lights includes LED striplights to illuminate under cupboards, coves, or cabinets, downlighter bulbs that are often found in spotlights and LED light panels that are frequently seen in offices.

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Dynamic lights change from warm white to cool white at the touch of a button to suite a task or mood.

Instead of having to make one, permanent choice in your new bathroom of a cool white to apply your makeup or of a warm white to have a relaxing bath, you can choose warm white or cool white, and even dim your lights, depending on the time or day or your mood.

You can light your kitchen with a bright, cool light for food preparation and change it instantly to a dimmed, warm light when your guests arrive. Easy!

Lighting design Monaco, Interior Designer Monaco, renovations, renovation companies Monaco,

Please contact our lighting team on for further information about dynamic white LED lighting.



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The Project Manager – an orchestral conductor for your renovation

I have been a project manager of luxury residential and business property renovations in Monaco and the Côte d’Azur for the last 15 years and I have been asked the question many times: why would I need a project manager if I employ a main contractor?

In response to this question, I liken myself to the conductor of an orchestra. You can have the best musicians in the world; however, without a conductor, your musicians will not start or finish at the correct times, and the music they produce will be discordant.

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Project management of Thirty Nine Monte Carlo

I help the client to select the most talented professionals for the project and oversee all aspects of the renovation works, from planning applications and sourcing products to management of costs to ensure that your renovation is completed on time and on budget.

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Altitude training room at Thirty Nine Monte Carlo

To return to the conductor analogy, my role is to set the tempo of the orchestra and to shape their performance in order to produce a work of the highest quality for the client.

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Bar and dining area at Thirty Nine Monte Carlo

This has been particularly relevant in our current project, the creation of THIRTY NINE Monte Carlo (, a new luxury lifestyle members’ club in Monaco with state-of-the-art sports floor. It has been necessary, over the last 2 years, to organise in excess of 200 contractor and supplier “musicians” from all sections of the orchestra to create a harmonious symphony, ahead of its opening performance in September 2016.

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Clever plug solution to avoid carrying all those adaptors

If you travel regularly between Britain and your property in France, Monaco or Italy, you will know the frustration of never having the right socket for your phone charger, razor or other portable electrical devices.

We can provide a simple, yet ingenious, design solution to remove this problem: a bespoke fitting incorporating both British and European sockets that can be incorporated into your renovation or construction project, or even retrofitted, to ensure that you always have the correct socket for your gadgets without having to use adaptors.

Contact our design team for more information.

Kitchen renovation

Lighting Design – the key to success for your renovation

Lighting is one of the biggest make-or-break factors for the success of your construction or renovation project, whether at home or in the office. It is something that should be considered at the beginning of the build, when cables are being laid, rather than at the end. Sadly, lighting is often an afterthought leading to compromises and poor quality lighting. We use our lighting design team, specialising in energy-efficient LEDs, to ensure that lighting becomes an integral and exciting part of your new apartment, villa or office.

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Monaco Projects Lighting Design – bath

When producing a lighting design in the home in particular, it is important to resist the temptation to deliver an even coverage of light across the whole space to be lit: if everything is lit evenly, you will end up highlighting nothing and the effect will be bland. LEDs provide enormous potential for creativity, producing dramatic yet flexible and functional lighting.


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Monaco Projects Lighting Design – living room

Good lighting design should be able to give you bright, shadow-free task lighting on your work surfaces, good levels of ambient lighting, and interesting accent lighting to pick out focal points and areas of interest.

It is estimated that by 2020 80% of all bulbs sold will be LEDs and they are fast becoming the dominant method for lighting. With recent significant improvements in the manufacturing methods of LEDs, the quality of the light from LEDs is now as good as, if not better than, old-fashioned incandescent or halogen bulbs. They are no longer a second-best option and are now the solution of choice.

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Monaco Projects Lighting Design – house exterior

Whilst they are certainly more expensive to purchase than other lighting solutions, their consumption is only around 10% of that of a halogen bulb and they are expected to last about 10 times as long, so they provide very good value for money in the long run.

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Monaco Projects Lighting Design – garden

We continue to be very excited by the ever-increasing potential of LEDs to produce high quality lighting solutions and have recently recruited Alice Sasso to enhance our lighting supply and design service. Please contact us to discuss your lighting needs.


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Thirty Nine Monte Carlo – train at 4,000m altitude – at sea level!

Monaco Projects has just completed final commissioning of the 2 altitude training rooms at THIRTY NINE Monte Carlo, a new luxury lifestyle members’ club with state-of-the-art sports floor which is being project-managed by Monaco Projects.

The highly specialist equipment adjusts the oxygen and nitrogen levels in the air of the training rooms to simulate different altitudes. This enables users’ bodies to adapt to training with less oxygen at up to 4,000m above sea level so that when they “return” to sea level their body is “turbo-charged” with the higher levels of oxygen.

This training method provides a performance advantage to professional athletes and keen amateurs. It is just one of the specialist training aids being installed in THIRTY NINE, which is located on the Larvotto beachfront in Monaco, and which opens in September 2016.

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Interior Design Impressions from the Milan Furniture Fair

Our team has just returned from a visit to the world-famous Milan Furniture Fair to explore the latest in interior design, furniture, bathroom and kitchen fashion and trends and to speak to the most exciting new suppliers in the marketplace.

In the furniture section of the show, we saw an increasing retro feel using fifties and sixties styling, with a modern twist, using high quality fabrics and leathers. What was most impressive were the suppliers of solid wood furniture for kitchens and gardens, with one manufacturer infilling wood with transparent resin to dramatic effect in their very thick, very solid, kitchen tables and worktops.

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Wooden table inlaid with acrylic

In the bathrooms section, we loved the bronze and copper finishes for bathtubs, a number of extremely innovative towel rails, with as much artistic impact as practical effect, and some beautiful sinks in stone and resin. One bathtub was even covered in fabric on the outside – interesting, but probably not appropriate for every client!

We returned with a wealth of catalogues and new, fresh, contacts ensuring that we can give our clients access to the most up to date and breath-taking high quality furniture, fixtures and fittings.

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sculpted marble sink

Interior Design, furniture, Monaco, Monaco Projects, interior designer

Stylish and functional towel rail

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Thirty Nine Monte Carlo – completion of the new exclusive private members’ club in Monaco

Thirty Nine Monte Carlo, a new exclusive private members’ club situated on avenue Princesse Grace in Monaco, which is being project managed by Monaco Projects is now approaching completion.

This multi-million euro, 2 year renovation and construction project, one of the biggest of its type in Monaco, will offer a 700m2 state of the art fitness suite, as well as spa and beauty rooms, a hair salon as well as Michelin star cuisine in its private members’ lounge and private function room. The total surface area being developed is 1,800m2.

Work is continuing apace to finalise the fitting out of Thirty Nine Monte Carlo after major works which have included not just renovation but also excavating 2 levels below the existing terrace to create 400m2 of additional space. We are working with all contractors to ensure that we remain on schedule for the club’s opening in September 2016.

Monaco Projects Thirty Nine Monte Carlo le Bahia, avenue princesse Grace Monaco

Thirty Nine Monte Carlo – bar


Monaco Projects Lighting design

Thirty Nine Monte Carlo – spa area


Thirty Nine Monte Carlo le Bahia avenue Princesse Grace Monaco

Thirty Nine Monte Carlo le Bahia avenue Princesse Grace Monaco

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Major New Construction Project on Port Hercule Monaco

It has been announced that the Caroli Group will be lodging planning permissions by the end of April 2016 for the construction of a major new development of 42 apartments, plus offices, shops, restaurants, bars and museums together with a pedestrian promenade at the end of the new breakwater beyond the former Monaco Yacht Club.

Work on this futuristic-looking development is scheduled to start at the end of 2016 and to be completed in 2021.

Interior designer joins Monaco Projects for your renovation in Monaco or the Cote d’Azur

Are you planning a bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation or a complete apartment makeover? Gisela Burghard, a very experienced interior designer who joined our team with effect from 1 March 2016 will be able to help.

Rozz Marcel Project Director said: “I am delighted to welcome Gisela on board with Monaco Projects. She is a very talented interior designer with enormous experience, not just in Monaco, but also in Europe, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. She is a major addition to our company; having an interior designer within our team will enable Monaco Projects to continue in its mission to become the pre-eminent project managers and interior designers in Monaco and the Côte d’Azur.”